Pelican backend#

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Pelican backend extracts OCDS data and measures its quality.

(If you are viewing this on GitHub, open the full documentation for additional details.)

Word choice#

To avoid ambiguity:

  • “collection” refers to the collection in Kingfisher Process, and “dataset” refers to the extracted collection in Pelican backend.

  • “compiled release” refers to the data value of the compiled release in Kingfisher Process, and “item” refers to its corresponding row in the data_item table in Pelican backend.

In the code and database, “resource” is used for “compiled release” (or “item”), and “time variance” is used for “time-based”. In the documentation, we use the latter words to be consistent with the user interface and with other tools.

We use “extract” instead of “import”, like in the Extract-Transform-Load pattern.